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Best Practices

Tutorials, solutions to common problems and best practices for Nette.

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Nette Application
- [Inject methods and attributes |inject-method-attribute]
- [Composing presenters from traits |presenter-traits]
- [Passing settings to presenters |passing-settings-to-presenters]
- [How to return to an earlier page |restore-request]
- [Paginating database results |Pagination]
- [Dynamic snippets |dynamic-snippets]
- [How to use #Requires attribute |attribute-requires]
- [How to properly use POST links |post-links]


- [Reuse of forms |form-reuse]
- [Form for creating and editing record |creating-editing-form]
- [Let's Create a Contact Form |lets-create-contact-form]
- [Dependent selectboxes |]


- [How to load configuration file |bootstrap:]
- [How to write microsites |microsites]
- [Why Nette uses PascalCase constant notation? |]
- [Why Nette doesn't use the Interface suffix? |]
- [Composer usage tips |composer]
- [Tips on editors & tools |editors-and-tools]
- [Introduction to object-oriented programming |nette:introduction-to-object-oriented-programming]


Sample Solution
- [Nette examples |]
- [Doctrine & Nette |]
- [Contributte examples |]
- [Doctrine ORM Website |]
- [Quick start |quickstart:]


You can find hundreds of recordings from Posobota and videos about Nette under one roof on the "Nette Framework YouTube Channel":


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