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Code Checker

The tool called Code-Checker checks and possibly repairs some of the formal errors in your source code.


Code Checker should be installed as project, don't use it as dependency.

composer create-project nette/code-checker


Usage: php code-checker [options]

	-d <path>  folder to scan (optional)
	-i <mask>  files or directories to ignore (can be used multiple times)
	-f         fixes files
	-l         convert newline characters

Without parameters, it checks the current working directory in a read-only mode, with -f parameter it fixes files.

Before you get to know the tool, be sure to backup your files first.

You can create a batch file, e.g. code.bat, for easier execution of Code-Checker under Windows:

php path_to\Nette_tools\Code-Checker\code-checker %*

What Code-Checker Does?

  • removes BOM
  • checks validity of Latte templates
  • checks for control characters
  • checks whether the file is encoded in UTF-8
  • controls misspelled /* @annotations */ (second asterisk missing)
  • removes PHP ending tags ?> in PHP files
  • removes trailing whitespace and unnecessary blank lines from the end of a file
  • normalizes line endings to system-default (with the -l parameter)